Resume Tips

Resume writing is a skill in and of itself. Resumes are used by hiring managers as a screening out tool rather than a screening in tool. Many highly skilled professionals do not get called in for interviews because their resumes do not clearly illustrate their qualifications.

Consultants as well as permanent employees should remember that a resume creates a first impression. This can have a tremendous impact later during staffing decisions and salary negotiations.

Here are a few suggestions to consider when updating your resume:

  • Provide complete contact information. This includes as much as possible of the following: home address, home phone, work phone, and email addresses. If you are called at work and are uncomfortable speaking freely, use that work contact to schedule another call at a more convenient time. Most hiring managers are happy to make these arrangements.

  • Provide a brief profile of your qualifications, experience and skills. A brief skill inventory is often helpful. The reader needs to know if your skills match their installed technology.

  • Title your "Professional Experience" and include the following items in each job description:

    • Date of employment (month/year - month/year)
    • Position Title
    • Company
    • Project description and environment
    • Your role (bullet points make for easy reading)
    • Skills you used
    • Make sure your current job is not written in past tense.

  • Show promotions as different positions, but under the same company.

  • Start with the most recent positions.

  • If you have experience outside of previous employment, indicate it under a separate title, "Other Experience". Then describe it as above.

  • Use few fonts. Bold print is a great way to attract attention to job titles without creating a busy or distracting appearance.

  • The two most recent job descriptions should be longer and more substantive.

  • Supervisory experience should be clearly defined.

  • If emailing the resume as an attachment, be sure to also cut and paste the text into the email message. This will avoid any delays caused by the recipients inability to open the attachment.